Key values

Hightouch; highly personal

HighTouch delivers human work at its best. With personal conversations we discover the motives, ambitions and ideals from each candidate and employer. With this knowledge we can be best of service. We also tell you our story; who we are and how we work. And most of all where we want to go with you and how to achieve our goals. Of course you will have your personal contact at HighTouch. Because HighTouch is highly personal.

Executive search

Bringing together people and companies, their personal and organisational goals. That’s where it’s all about. Because, when achieved the perfect match that’s when the real added value is being created for all involved. We thoroughly analyse what the crucial aspects are for being successfull in a certain position and what should be the cadidates relevant knowlegde, experience and competences. At the same time we know what the candidates thrives and what their real ambitions are in life and work.

To bring together talent and job HighTouch offers you many years of experience in business and executive search, also a wide (inter)national network. With experienced candidates and well known companies in the agri and food business. A world which we know very well to be successfull for you.