Executive search

Often when people start working with us, they tell us they don’t really think our way of working is very different from other companies. After a while this point of view often changes. After introductions we like to have in-depth conversations about your organization. Where it stands now, where you want to go, and look at current development and critical success factors. This is an active conversation where we talk and think along with you, because we know the market from our own experience. The results of these conversations will be documented and presented to you.

After talking comes action. This means our search for the perfect candidates starts. We look at our own network and do research. We are always in touch with potential candidates. Our network has been growing for over 20 years. So chances are we will always find the perfect candidate for you. When we need to find someone outside our network we can advertise for candidates. We can help you in this process by formulating the ad, media advice, place the ad, process responses and talk with candidates.

The next step is to personally approach the candidates. From beginning to end we will be their interlocutor. This way candidates receive the best first hand information. Because of our experience in this field and our specific experience with the requesting company, we are able to talk with candidates on the same level.

In our talks with the candidates we focus on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Relevant knowledge, experience and competence for the new challenge ahead. This gives us great insight in the personality of the candidates. Of course will also adequately check references.

After this a candidate will be presented to the requesting company. In this phase it is important to guide this process. We will still be a link between candidate and company. Act as a sounding board. This really eases the process, especially in the beginning. After appointing of a candidate our work isn’t done. We will regularly check if both candidate and company are still satisfied.