The search for human added value

‘It’s all about people’

For more than ten years, HighTouch has been a fixed value in the Netherlands as an executive search expert for companies looking for leadership and talent in the food, agri and FMCG business. HighTouch supplies organisations with valuable people in the best sense of the term, by means of unique, personal and in-depth contact.

When CEO Wilko Grievink asked me to become Belgian partner-consultant at HighTouch, I knew at once it was a job for me. I find people and their motivations hugely exciting. The hunt for the particular quality and mindset that typify potential leaders is always something really special.

Searching for human added value through talent & mindset mining

These days, everyone’s talking about automation, artificial intelligence and data mining. Although they are magnificent assets, a company needs more. Personally, I have long been convinced that it’s the people that truly make the difference in a business. This is why HighTouch is committed to talent and mindset mining.

Over the past few years, the economic crisis has taken a heavy toll on business: too many strategic jobs were outsourced, converted or eliminated altogether. The focus was mainly on short-term gains and too little on the long-term value of the company. Consequently, swingeing cuts were made to roles which actually had added value. Now the economy is picking up again, the time has come to invest in individuality and vision. And that means you need the right people and a specialist sparring partner to find them.

HighTouch helps companies find or restore the balance between profitability in the short term as well as the long term. How? By introducing the most suitable people in policy roles or other critical positions. Because that is a delicate art: having the right people in the right position at the right time.

A highly personal approach: from lunch to in-depth interview

Digital contacts are shallow and fleeting. They’re fine for a practical exchange of information, but far from ideal if you really want to get to know someone. That’s why we sit down at the table with our contacts. Preferably with something to eat. It breaks the ice and creates space for authenticity which, in turn, results in warm and often very personal interviews. They are interviews that give us a glimpse into the motives, ambitions and ideals of candidates and clients alike. Because only when we know each other really well can we really help.

It isn’t one-way traffic; we tell our own story too, so companies can discover how we think and act. This kind of personal approach together with a fixed contact is hugely valuable and unique in our market. Our passion for people and our genuine interest in what drives candidates and clients ensure a better match in addition to more harmony, freshness and dynamics in organisations.

Are you intrigued?

We want to meet even more people with the right mindset. Just like entrepreneurs who dare to launch this exciting quest for a new way of leadership and talent.

Please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to invite you along for a chat.

Denis Gallant

Partner at HighTouch Belgium


The five reasons why HighTouch searches for human added value in a highly personal way: 

  1. The right leader does exist
  2. The right leader in the right place ensures that profits, the organisation and its people grow
  3. The right leader ensures there is long-term, purpose-driven added value 
  4. The right leader brings about better work quality and better working atmosphere
  5. Besides the right set of skills, the right leader also has the right mindset

Find out more about Denis Gallant.

See Denis’s factsheet <linkto: https://www.hightouch.nu/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/HighTouch-factsheet-Denis-Gallant.pdf>